As we’ve progressed along our sustainability journey, we realized the need to set goals to further drive our sustainability performance. Following our sustainability materiality assessment, the Axalta Sustainability Council developed goals to guide our business and sustainability performance over the coming years.

These goals have been reviewed and approved by the Axalta Leadership Team. We’ve set at least one goal for each of our identified key sustainability issues, as well as for some other areas where we want to improve performance. Our goals, organized by report section, are below; material issues are noted in bold. Where applicable, we discuss our plans and programs to achieve these goals throughout the report.

Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), introduced in 2015, guide governments, businesses and other organizations on a pathway toward sustainable development. The 17 SDGs, supported by 169 targets, cover a range of environmental, social, economic and governance topics. Axalta has identified three of the SDGs that are most aligned with our business and sustainability objectives.

SDG Logo SDG Chart
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