Our people are our most important asset and we are committed to engaging them around the world to learn from them and motivate them to succeed.


Enhance employee communications to enable employees to understand their contributions to the success of the business.

In 2017, we launched Inside Axalta, a new intranet platform used to keep employees informed on multiple aspects of our business. Content includes business accomplishments and long-term vision, associated executive communications and access to human resources and compliance information. The platform has a section dedicated to sustainability at Axalta, which provides employees with up-to-date information on our focused giving initiatives that support STEM and environmental stewardship programs, on technology developments and on engineering projects that will reduce the environmental footprint of our manufacturing facilities. Regional, translated editions with supplemental, local content are available to provide access to employees who are not native English speakers. Other, purely regionally focused communications are also published in Asia-Pacific, Latin America and our Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.

Every quarter, following corporate earnings releases, our Chairman and CEO hosts a Global Town Hall during which he and other executives provide highlights of the prior three months. Senior executives also host local town halls when visiting different Axalta facilities.

The Axalta Way Awards

The Axalta Way Award is given weekly to an Axalta employee at any location around the world who contributes to productivity, cost savings and efficiency initiatives—both large and small. The award recognizes that people at all levels in the organization can contribute ideas to make Axalta a more sustainable company—and deserve recognition for their efforts. Awards have been given to employees around the world holding positions ranging from manufacturing and sales to research and customer service. Nominations for the award can be submitted by anyone in the organization via Inside Axalta. Winners receive a donation of US$250 or equivalent in local currency and are recognized during one of the quarterly Global Town Halls.

Employee Volunteerism

Bicycle riders
Axalta employees in Belgium bike to raise money for cancer research
Building cars for children with disabilities in the U.S.

We also encourage employees to volunteer in their communities. In Belgium, an employee team bicycles annually to raise money for cancer charity Kom op tegen Kanker. In the United States, Axalta collaborates with GoBabyGo, a national program from the University of Delaware that empowers children with disabilities to become independently mobile through the use of custom-fitted motorized vehicles. Axalta employees assemble the vehicles as part of a team building exercise and present each child with his or her car at the end of the session.

Employees at our Tlalnepantla facilty near Mexico City volunteer every year at Verano (Summer) Teleton, organized by Fundación Teletón México. A leading nonprofit organization dedicated to children and teenagers with disabilities and cancer, Fundación Teletón México promotes and preserves human values through actions by raising funds and awareness, inspiring a more inclusive accepting world for children with disabilities and their families. Also in Mexico, Axalta employees support Asociation Mexicano de Ayuda a Ninos con Cancer I.A.P. (AMANC) by collecting bottle caps and other plastic lids which when recycled provide funds that help treat children with cancer.

For the third year, Axalta employees from our operations center in Tlalnepantla, Mexico volunteer at Verano (Summer) Teleton.
Tapaton Mexico
Recycled plastic bottle caps will raise money to assist children with cancer

U.S. Veterans

ACP LogoFocused on U.S. military veterans, Axalta partners with American Corporate Partners (ACP), which helps veterans acclimate to civilian life. This collaboration that began in 2017 provides guidance to veterans across the United States and an opportunity for our employees to become more engaged in their communities. In its inaugural year, 24 veterans and 19 Axalta executives participated in the program and five of these veterans have obtained employment.

Honoring our veterans with a day visiting memorials erected in their honor in Washington, DC

Axalta was privileged in 2016 to sponsor the Philadelphia chapter of Honor Flight, an all-volunteer national organization created to honor the sacrifices of America’s veterans for their military service. Employees in the greater Philadelphia accompanied the veterans on the dawn to dusk trip to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at Arlington National Cemetery and the major war memorials from World War II, the Korean Conflict and the Vietnam War erected in their honor.

Responding to our People and Communities in Crisis

Axalta’s response to community needs reflects both our strategic Emergency Response Plan and our commitment to be a good corporate citizen. We responded to employees and communities following devastating events that struck North America during 2016 and 2017.

Rebuilding Haiti

In 2016, Axalta responded to efforts to rebuild in Haiti following Hurricane Matthew. Axalta collaborated with a customer based in Florida and Maxima S.A., which delivers starter homes to rural Haitian families suffering from natural disasters including the damage from an earthquake in 2010. Axalta donated coatings to cover the exterior of 5,600 Maxima starter homes.

Loading the jet to fly supplies to Puerto Rico
Supplies ready to ship from Huntsville to Florida for the flight to Puerto Rico

Bringing Supplies to Puerto Rico

Axalta’s warehouse and distribution center in Puerto Rico were hard hit by the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in 2017. Our employees and their families were left destitute from the storm with no water, power, food, medications or other necessities. At our Dura Coat location in Huntsville, Alabama, we collected provisions provided by the company and employees and drove them by truck to Florida, where we chartered a jet to fly them to San Juan. Axalta’s shipment was among the first to arrive on the island once air traffic restrictions were lifted. Supplies were also shared with members of the community adjacent to our facility.

Helping in Houston

Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of the greater Houston area, home to one of Axalta’s powder coating manufacturing centers. Our employees were hard hit, even though our facility suffered little damage. Axalta employees from across the United States donated to an emergency employee fund, which was further matched by the company. In addition to financial aid, affected employees were offered dry goods, clothing and necessities as well as counseling. Excess goods were extended to the surrounding community.

Mexico Earthquakes

With extensive operations across Mexico, the devastating earthquakes of 2017 hit many of the communities in which the people of Axalta, our customers and our suppliers live and work. In response, the company collected and distributed a range of emergency goods, tools and other necessities to support affected individuals and communities in need.

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