Axalta has a strong commitment to improving the world we live in by using focused giving to create, support and nurture science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education and environmental stewardship programs.

These corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives serve a global community, the hometowns where our employees and customers live and work, and tie back to our business. Many of our STEM programs encourage youth to consider careers in related fields and provide them with practical opportunities to expand their exposure to the ways in which STEM disciplines touch their lives daily. Our environmental stewardship projects address the need for clean water and habitat that we discuss below.


Maintain our commitment to create, support and nurture STEM education and environmental stewardship programs and initiatives that serve our communities where we live and work.

The Chemistry of Partnership

Focused giving at Axalta takes a multi-stakeholder approach. Local nonprofits and non-governmental organizations are central to our programing. Building on their mission, we then engage employees, customers and other community members to broaden awareness and strengthen program implementation.

In 2016, we launched our CSR Summit program in collaboration with our focused giving partners in the greater Philadelphia area, the location of both our corporate and North America headquarters. We held our second Summit in 2017. The Summits brought together not only the recipients of our focused giving dollars but also members of local government and media, customers, subject matter experts in STEM education and environmental stewardship, and Axalta management. The Summits provided a day-long setting in which participants could learn about best practices in corporate giving and philanthropy and how to generate awareness for their efforts and organizations.

We have more than 60 individual programs and partners around the world who promote STEM-education and environmental stewardship where we live and work. We’re proud to highlight just some of those initiatives.

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