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A proven history of quality, durability and performance.
For over 40 years, Axalta's commercial transportation finishes have been formulated to deliver consistent, premium-quality results with superior durability for today's commercial vehicles.

Precise Color Matching.
Thousands of color formulas are available to provide just the right color or match an existing finish.  This color selection features the top fleet colors that are available in a wide range of topcoat qualities such as Imron Elite, Excel Pro and Rival.

This collection of popular fleet colors can be ordered as a printed color selector from your local distributor using part number M-3699.

Fleet Color Library

Beige (M1125)

Beige (M1125)

Mocha (N3427)

Pearl Fawn (N0548)

Mocha Frost (L3011)

Heather Mist (882442)

Smoke (F9417)

Silver (882361)

Brt Silver Sparkle (N5939)

Silver (N0319)

Smoke Gray (882438)

Gray (N0025)

Charcoal (882441)

Champagne (F2997)

Platinum (F2528)

Pepper Gray (N0323)

Light Silver (F2573)

Just Silver (M1124)

Silver (N0028)

Violet (F0900)

Silver Gray (F0901)

Gray (882347)

Rose (N3303)

Med. Titanium (N3713)

Shadow Gray (N0324)

Platinum (N5460)

Pewter Gray (N0321)

Silver (N0027)

Cumulus Gray (N0322)

Granite Gray (M2231)

Diamond Black (N3894)

Light Saddle (N5655)

Chameleon (F6332)

Saturn Gold (N5657)

Gold (882447)

Gold (N2743)

Gold (N3962)

Convoy Gold (N2370)

Red Gold (882449)

Dark Persimmon (N0404)

Coral (N2378)

Satin Beige (F6331)

Umbra (F2529)

Green Gold (N0386)

Med Gold (N6391)

Gold (N6618)

Yellow Gold (YM340)

Bronze (882362)

Brown (N0555)

Light Persimmon (N0405)

Bronze (N0050)

Light Autumnwood (F1958)

Rosewood (M1122)

Gold (N0222)

Las Vegas Gold (882348)

Gold (N1538)

Gold (F2905)

Lt Chestnut (N5656)

Dark Bronze (N0556)

Burnt Orange (N0224)

Light Burgundy (N0408)

Red (H7994)

Light Firethorn (882435)

Fire Red (M1150)

Dark Cherry (882450)

Red (N0177)

Maroon (N0712)

Carmine (882448)

Light Maroon (N0221)

Dark Carmine (N0558)

Dark Brown (N0223)

Red (N0606)

Autumn Red (N2054)

Ruby Red (N6091)

Electric Red (N3335)

Red (N0209)

Dark Toreador (N5227)

Burgundy (N0052)

Dk Hunt Club Red (N3705)

Dark Brown (N0207)

Black (N0216)

Dark Firethorn (882435)

Dark Burgundy (N0409)

Cherry Red (M1151)

Med Garnet Red (N4397)

Maroon (N1938)

Claret Red (N4819)

Red (N9913)

Black Cherry (882443)

Light Brown (N0402)

Sable (N0327)

Light Violet (882439)

Red (N2287)

Red (N2287)

Iris (N3873)

Dark Violet (745245)

Bright Violet (N5428)

Lavender (N6889)

Purple (N5942)

Light Blue (F0782)

Plum (N0345)

Pink Coral (N5131)

Med Rose (882436)

Dark Carmet (N3269)

Dark Rose (N0414)

Orchid (N0418)

Purple (M1123)

Light Rose (N0422)

Dark Rose Gray (N0421)

Medium Blue (F1920)

Lt Concord Blue (882431)

Raspberry (N6696)

Dark Violet (N6359)

Berry Red (N0419)

Wine (N0415)

Orchid (N2549)

Grape (N2751)

Light Rose Gray (N0420)

Super Grape (N6672)

Plum (882747)

Super Blue (F1915)

Seascape (N0337)

Light Blue (N0336)

Light Blue Green (N6099)

Light Aqua (N0355)

Lt Blue Green (N0193)

Turquoise (N0524)


Dark Moss Green (N0372)

Tropic Green (882437)

Medium Lime (N0380)

Diamond Blue (882351)

Med Pontiac Blue (N0332)

Light Aqua (F3325)

Turquoise (N0194)

Sky Mist Blue (N0329)

Light Green (F2969)

Lt Forest Green (882426)

Dark Frost Green (N0374)

Light Lime (882428)

Medium Ivy (N0375)

Light Blue (N0188)

Med Light Blue (N0187)

Light Blue (F8748)

Pacific Blue (N0353)

Lt Turquoise (882433)

Dark Green (N0528)

Winter Green (F3326)

Green Gold (882354)

Bright Lime (882353)

Yellow Green (N0536)

Medium Green (N0535)

Medium Olive (N0376)

Light Green (882365)

Jade Green (882358)

Green Gold (882440)

Spruce Green (N0365)

Turquoise (F2998)

Dk Tourmaline Green (N5463)

Seamist (F1977)

Forest Green (F1917)

Green Gold (N0121)

Dark Olive (882427)

Glade Green (882357)

Medium Jade (N0360)

Green (N0526)

Dark Pine (N0196)

Dark Teal (F8892)

Iceland Green (882452)

Medium Aqua (882429)

Turquoise (882363)

Olive Green (N0199)

Light Olive (N0383)

Green (N5003)

Dark Green (N0367)

Green (N1129)

Forest Green (N6477)

Haze Blue (N0352)

Apline Green (N0357)

Mystic Teal (F8891)

Dark Green (F1908)

Ice Blue (N0331)

Blue (N0088)

Light Blue (N0219)

Regal Blue (N0300)

Dark Blue (N2458)

Sovereign Blue (N0347)

Dark Aqua (N0350)

Dark Rich Blue (N0348)

Ensign Blue (N0515)

Delft Blue (F1919)

Light Blue (882432)

Blue (N2262)

Bright Blue (N0340)

Bright Blue (882352)

Light Rich Blue (N0342)

Medium Concord Blue (N0346)

Concord Blue (N0191)

Dark Blue (N0218)

Biscayne Blue (882364)

Midnight Blue (N0192)

Dk Continental Blue (N0229)

Panama Blue (N0349)

Bay Blue (N0338)

Medium Blue (N1355)

Dark Rich Blue (882430)

Blue (F2511)

Deep Star Blue (F6379)

Dark Concord Blue (N5361)

Lauderdale Blue (N0343)

Dark Blue (F0784)

White (N0225)

White (N0007)

White (N0006)

White (N6785)

Cream (N0474)

Beige (N0470)

Tan (N0040)

Brown (N0473)

Gray (N0017)

Gray (N0428)

White (882359)

White (N0296)

White (882355)

White (N0468)

Cream (N0033)

Bengal Tan (N0472)

Brown (N0496)

Brown (N0518)

Polar Gray (N0426)

Gray (N0429)

White (N0295)

White (N0466)

White (N0467)

White (N0004)

Beige (N0469)

Tan (N0471)

Brown (N1075)

Brown (882356)

Gray (N0427)

Black (N0001)

Lunar Yellow (N0478)

Yellow (N2904)

Sun Poppy (N3027)

Yellow (N2832)

Yellow (882346)

Bahama Yellow (N0489)

Orange (N0140)

Orange (N6179)

Red (N0761)

Red (N0503)

Chrome Yellow (N0479)

Yellow (N1014)

Yellow (882349)

Yellow (N0491)

Yellow (N6770)

Harvest Gold (N0490)

Orange (N0145)

Orange (N0494)

Red (N0757)

Red (882360)

Yellow (N4582)

Yellow (N0485)

Yellow (N0127)

Yellow (N3258)

Yellow (N0760)

Green (N0463)

Orange (N0141)

Red (N0449)

Red (882350)

Flame Red (N0759)

Red (N0497)

Red (M1049)

Red (N0504)

Medium Red (N0506)

Red (N1025)

Red (N3314)

Burgundy (F8026)

Maroon (N0919)

Magenta (N0751)

Magenta (N6887)

Persimmon (N0738)

Red (N5679)

Red (N0302)

Candy Apple Red (N0608)

Red (N0636)

Red (N0559)

Red (N6250)

Burgundy (N0510)

Purple (N6609)

Purple (N6423)

Red (N0137)

Fuchsia (N6204)

Red (N0931)

Red (N0507)

Red (N6913)

Red (N5539)

Red (N0042)

Maroon (882451)

Purple (N6609)

Purple (N6207)

White Blue (N0220)

Blue (N0434)

Aquatone Blue (N0438)

Global Blue (N2973)

Blue (N0060)

Blue (N1728)

Cobalt (G9369)

Blue (N5910)

Dark Blue (N5967)

Dark Blue (N0443)

Blue (N0432)

Pastel Blue (N0435)

Blue (N0439)

Blue (N0081)

Blue (N0437)

Bright Medium Blue (N0294)

Medium Blue (N0440)

Blue (N0306)

Blue (N0442)

Blue (N0430)

Baffin Blue (N0433)

Sierra Blue (N0436)

Blue (N0056)

Bright Blue (N3420)

Blue (N0226)

Blue (N4147)

Blue (K9740)

Blue (N0071)

Blue (N6970)

Commercial Blue (N0240)

Green (N0458)

Lime (N0650)

Green (N0459)

Green (N6103)

Green (N0898)

Green (N0448)

Aqua Blue (N0449)

Green (N0450)

Aqua Green (N5984)

 It doesn’t have PDF

Light Green Gold (N0452)

Green (N0455)

Medium Green Gold (N0460)

Green (N0465)

Green (N0447)

Bright Green (N4028)

Turquoise (N1006)

Dark Green (N0851)

Turquoise (N0911)

Reef Aqua (N6457)

Light Green (N0444)

Green (N0457)

Green (N0464)

Green (N0111)

Green (N3089)

Green (N3176)

Green (N0101)

Dark Green (N0784)

Bright Teal (N3330)

Green (N4992)