"Colour is a power which directly influences the soul"

Wassily Kandinsky


The oldest word in practically all languages, usually the meaning is related to blood. Red is psychologically associated with fire, blood, warmth and power.


Yellow is the colour that's connected to light, the sun and gold. In the English language "yellow "is closely related with "to yell".


Blue is the colour we love the most and associate with trust, harmony, sympathy and friendship. In addition It evokes a sense of spatiality.


We associate green the most with nature, youth and jealousy. Green is fresh, gives a sense of hope and makes us think of spring.


In many languages still the word for the fruit, an orange. We associate it with optimism, cheerfulness and playfulness, even spirituality and happiness!


Mysterious purple, which we often link to magic, decadence and luxury. It's elusive like eternity and associated with splendor.


The colour most associated with feminism and therefor with romance, the sweet and the soft. It's associated with touch, tactility and kindness.


Brown is the colour of the earth and is the least popular colour according to research. It's a neutral colour that can make other colours shine.


White stands for perfection, simplicity and purity. Symbol for the devine, innocense and a new beginning. Overall white is clean and neutral making it popular in design and architecture.


Black is overall perceived as negative colour as well as funtional, nevertheless popular in interior design and architecture. A timeless choice though often trend related as well!


Grey is often looked at as being negative and associated with age. However with it comes wisdom, and sophisticated conservatism. Textures are emphasized more through the use of neutral grey.