The newest edition of our flagship colour collection of Alesta® SD, SuperDurable architectural powder coating for metal substrates. Designed by colour trend experts and divided in 4 themes to find the right colour, effect and finish for your next project.


Produced according to Axalta’s Alesta® SD quality, the ICONICA coatings are based on a super-durable polyester resin system. The collection combines higher grade pigments and stabilisers with outstanding exterior durability that extend the life cycle of architectural projects.

The ICONICA coatings are assessed for gloss and colour retention, for all colours, in the most severe environments. This includes testing for strong UV exposure, high temperatures and high humidity.

Standing the test of time, and with excellent scratch resistance, the ICONICA products exceed the Qualicoat Class II standards. Axalta’s 25-year warranty guarantees that the coatings’ gloss and overall aesthetic appearance is retained.

For the metallic finishes, the highest bonding standard has been used, ensuring consistent colour during application, and avoiding colour variations between different batches.


Powder coatings contain no solvents, and release negligible amounts of VOC’s into the atmosphere, making them a sustainable choice compared to solvent-borne coatings, with negligible impact on indoor air quality.

The ICONICA powder coatings may contribute towards LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits, and all of the products in the range are backed by Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).


Working closely with architects, designers and other stakeholders in the built environment, Axalta’s architectural colour experts help guide our product innovation.

The new ICONICA collection of coatings is a result of Axalta’s own colour research, in collaboration with colour forecasting agency Francq Colors Trend Studio, which focuses on architecture and high-end design.



  • SuperDurable quality
  • Durable & sustainable with excellent applicability
  • Bonded, homogeneous metallic effects
  • Enhanced UV fastness
  • Excellent batch-to-batch consistency
  • Outstanding scratch resistance
  • Qualicoat Class 2 & GSB Florida 3 (Master) certified
  • Meets the AAMA2604 requirements
  • 25-year warranty (under conditions)
  • Available from stock

Building Information Modeling

Download our Alesta® SD ICONICA BIM files