New Challenger tin labels make product identification even easier

The familiar green Challenger tins have been given a makeover to make the products even easier to recognise. The key difference is the introduction of a new a colour-coded triangular flash on the side of the label so refinishers can quickly identify the product range. All clears, for instance, carry a red flash, while the basecoat is identified by an orange band.

The product code is larger and has been moved immediately below the Challenger brand name to give it greater prominence and to make it more visible. These changes will enable users to find the product they need quickly and effortlessly.

The freshly updated labels also all include a range of pictograms that provide refinishers with a rapid overview of the technical information they need to prepare and to apply the product in the tin.

The aim of the new label design was not only to improve product recognition, but also to increase ease of use in line with Challenger’s commitment to supplying the refinish industry with straightforward paint products.

Challenger stands for accurate colours, European quality, and easy application – a commitment that is reflected in the new label design, which will be rolled out over time to the market.