With time and money being so important for most bodyshops, Challenger has developed a new system of fillers intended to save both. Developed to enable refinishers to achieve good coverage in fewer coats than before, the Coverage Enhancer Concept makes it possible for bodyshop to reduce the number of process steps and material consumption required for refinish jobs.

Coverage Enhancer consists of three new fillers – Challenger CL440W, Challenger CL440 and Challenger CL440B – that can be used on their own or mixed with each other to create the optimal undercoat shade for the subsequent basecoats or 2K topcoats.

Coverage Enhancer allows users to achieve good coverage in fewer coats compared to when the system is not used. That means lower basecoat and 2K topcoat consumption, while producing a better end result after clear coat application due to the overall lower film build.

Each Challenger colour formula contains a message indicating the correct fillers mixing ratio to achieve optimal coverage results with the minimum number of coats.

CL440W 2K Filler White

Challenger CL440W

CL440 2K Filler Grey

Challenger CL440

CL440B 2K Filler Black

Challenger CL440B