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Safety Data Sheets

Axalta Safety Data Sheets - English


Type SDS File Name Date Added Filesize
  PDF AX_205A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 137.09 KB
  PDF AX_130_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 131.91 KB
  PDF AX_226S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 122.96 KB
  PDF AX_430A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.92 KB
  PDF AX_431A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.40 KB
  PDF AX_432A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.34 KB
  PDF AX_435A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.33 KB
  PDF AX_434A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.31 KB
  PDF AX_437A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.05 KB
  PDF AX_433A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.72 KB
  PDF AX_438A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.50 KB
  PDF AX_436A_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.38 KB
  PDF AX_5718S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 179.98 KB
  PDF AX_HT800_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 110.31 KB
  PDF AX_PS4000_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 99.05 KB
  PDF AX_107C_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 129.32 KB
  PDF AX_107_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 129.32 KB
  PDF AX_210_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 124.61 KB
  PDF AX_220_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 127.07 KB
  PDF AX_225_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 128.79 KB
  PDF AX_225S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 190.36 KB
  PDF AX_265_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 106.98 KB
  PDF AX_275_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 138.13 KB
  PDF AX_300_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 137.32 KB
  PDF AX_5717S_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 187.10 KB
  PDF AX_DP3170_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 128.62 KB
  PDF AX_DP5150_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.30 KB
  PDF AX_DP5150DG_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.27 KB
  PDF AX_DP5150W_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.82 KB
  PDF AX_TH98742_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.78 KB
  PDF AX_TRP35_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.07 KB
  PDF AX_105_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 198.07 KB
  PDF AX_108_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.86 KB
  PDF AX_139_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 128.82 KB
  PDF AX_200_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 129.21 KB
  PDF AX_421_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 148.71 KB
  PDF AX_425_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 143.57 KB
  PDF AX_426_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 145.85 KB
  PDF AX_460A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 136.79 KB
  PDF AX_495_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 92.29 KB
  PDF AX_705_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 143.50 KB
  PDF AX_712A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 139.87 KB
  PDF AX_715_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 109.49 KB
  PDF AX_766A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 138.12 KB
  PDF AX_1700SC_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 136.73 KB
  PDF AX_2280S_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 133.72 KB
  PDF AX_2281S_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 124.13 KB
  PDF AX_3642SC_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 212.46 KB
  PDF AX_310A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 130.15 KB
  PDF AX_400A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 137.14 KB
  PDF AX_410A_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 137.06 KB
  PDF AX_420_SDS_EN.pdf 2-Feb-2021 145.90 KB

Standox Safety Data Sheets - English


Type SDS File Name Date Added Filesize
  PDF SX_17247_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 124.01 KB
  PDF SX_02010585_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 150.12 KB
  PDF SX_02015331_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.78 KB
  PDF SX_02016044_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 148.81 KB
  PDF SX_02016109_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 148.68 KB
  PDF SX_02016184_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 150.88 KB
  PDF SX_02016814_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 147.56 KB
  PDF SX_02016604_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 146.27 KB
  PDF SX_02016891_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 150.41 KB
  PDF SX_02016892_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 150.42 KB
  PDF SX_02017108_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 126.65 KB
  PDF SX_02017126_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 126.66 KB
  PDF SX_02017128_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 125.83 KB
  PDF SX_02017129_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 126.41 KB
  PDF SX_02017189_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 93.96 KB
  PDF SX_02017288_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.65 KB
  PDF SX_02017186_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 109.45 KB
  PDF SX_02080188_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 95.09 KB
  PDF SX_02016256_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 131.31 KB
  PDF SX_02017124_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 102.28 KB
  PDF SX_02017158_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 102.63 KB
  PDF SX_02017194_SDS_EN.pdf 3-Sep-2020 94.41 KB
  PDF SX_02010526_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.71 KB
  PDF SX_02010534_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.27 KB
  PDF SX_02010542_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.49 KB
  PDF SX_02010569_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.44 KB
  PDF SX_02010577_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.25 KB
  PDF SX_02010593_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.46 KB
  PDF SX_02010615_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.27 KB
  PDF SX_02010631_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.27 KB
  PDF SX_02010640_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.28 KB
  PDF SX_02010658_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.29 KB
  PDF SX_02010666_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.20 KB
  PDF SX_02010674_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.62 KB
  PDF SX_02010682_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.27 KB
  PDF SX_02010690_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.76 KB
  PDF SX_02010739_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.71 KB
  PDF SX_02010763_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.81 KB
  PDF SX_02010895_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 147.07 KB
  PDF SX_02010992_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.38 KB
  PDF SX_02011182_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 131.87 KB
  PDF SX_02011220_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.64 KB
  PDF SX_02011387_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 139.52 KB
  PDF SX_02011484_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 128.00 KB
  PDF SX_02011573_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 133.99 KB
  PDF SX_02011581_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.69 KB
  PDF SX_02011719_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 128.01 KB
  PDF SX_02011816_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.90 KB
  PDF SX_02011824_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 149.90 KB
  PDF SX_02011859_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.31 KB
  PDF SX_02011930_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.14 KB
  PDF SX_02011948_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.73 KB
  PDF SX_02012065_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 137.75 KB
  PDF SX_02012111_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.42 KB
  PDF SX_02012120_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.62 KB
  PDF SX_02012308_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.43 KB
  PDF SX_02012316_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.00 KB
  PDF SX_02012359_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.41 KB
  PDF SX_02012367_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.96 KB
  PDF SX_02012375_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.99 KB
  PDF SX_02012472_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.33 KB
  PDF SX_02012529_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.73 KB
  PDF SX_02012553_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.93 KB
  PDF SX_02012588_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.96 KB
  PDF SX_02012596_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.32 KB
  PDF SX_02012626_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 147.66 KB
  PDF SX_02012669_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.50 KB
  PDF SX_02012677_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.56 KB
  PDF SX_02012707_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.08 KB
  PDF SX_02012871_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.99 KB
  PDF SX_02012880_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.73 KB
  PDF SX_02014017_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.81 KB
  PDF SX_02014335_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.05 KB
  PDF SX_02014343_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.43 KB
  PDF SX_02014408_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 129.88 KB
  PDF SX_02014564_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 138.25 KB
  PDF SX_02014580_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.93 KB
  PDF SX_02014670_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 111.08 KB
  PDF SX_02014696_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 132.75 KB
  PDF SX_02014700_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.64 KB
  PDF SX_02015013_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.73 KB
  PDF SX_02015048_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 140.66 KB
  PDF SX_02015080_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 140.50 KB
  PDF SX_02015161_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.56 KB
  PDF SX_02015260_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 132.97 KB
  PDF SX_02015919_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.35 KB
  PDF SX_02015927_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.80 KB
  PDF SX_02015935_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 140.19 KB
  PDF SX_02015978_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.26 KB
  PDF SX_02016010_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 107.42 KB
  PDF SX_02016134_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 150.29 KB
  PDF SX_02016142_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.28 KB
  PDF SX_02016147_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 114.34 KB
  PDF SX_02016151_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 147.36 KB
  PDF SX_02016159_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 148.86 KB
  PDF SX_02016160_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 138.60 KB
  PDF SX_02016167_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 148.20 KB
  PDF SX_02016168_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 148.92 KB
  PDF SX_02016169_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.99 KB
  PDF SX_02016174_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.54 KB
  PDF SX_02016176_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 124.71 KB
  PDF SX_02016178_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 127.04 KB
  PDF SX_02016180_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.34 KB
  PDF SX_02016181_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 137.84 KB
  PDF SX_02016183_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.19 KB
  PDF SX_02016189_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 145.55 KB
  PDF SX_02016190_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 151.93 KB
  PDF SX_02016192_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.24 KB
  PDF SX_02016198_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.84 KB
  PDF SX_02016201_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.57 KB
  PDF SX_02016203_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 129.30 KB
  PDF SX_02016204_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.51 KB
  PDF SX_02016207_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 131.09 KB
  PDF SX_02016208_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 137.06 KB
  PDF SX_02016209_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.36 KB
  PDF SX_02016211_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.63 KB
  PDF SX_02016212_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 132.47 KB
  PDF SX_02016213_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 139.13 KB
  PDF SX_02016214_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 138.07 KB
  PDF SX_02016215_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 129.01 KB
  PDF SX_02016216_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 135.07 KB
  PDF SX_02016218_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 134.87 KB
  PDF SX_02016219_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 139.53 KB
  PDF SX_02016220_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.41 KB
  PDF SX_02016221_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.64 KB
  PDF SX_02016222_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 139.00 KB
  PDF SX_02016223_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.22 KB
  PDF SX_02016224_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 203.57 KB
  PDF SX_02016228_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.91 KB
  PDF SX_02016229_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.61 KB
  PDF SX_02016230_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.22 KB
  PDF SX_02016231_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 178.56 KB
  PDF SX_02016232_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 138.97 KB
  PDF SX_02016233_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.23 KB
  PDF SX_02016234_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.25 KB
  PDF SX_02016235_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.40 KB
  PDF SX_02016236_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.47 KB
  PDF SX_02016240_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.64 KB
  PDF SX_02016241_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 136.53 KB
  PDF SX_02016242_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.74 KB
  PDF SX_02016252_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 142.35 KB
  PDF SX_02016255_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.28 KB
  PDF SX_02016257_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 141.40 KB
  PDF SX_02016576_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.47 KB
  PDF SX_02016679_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 139.67 KB
  PDF SX_02016816_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 146.11 KB
  PDF SX_02016862_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.30 KB
  PDF SX_02016863_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.25 KB
  PDF SX_02016864_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.31 KB
  PDF SX_02016865_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.24 KB
  PDF SX_02016866_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.25 KB
  PDF SX_02016867_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.31 KB
  PDF SX_02016868_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.21 KB
  PDF SX_02016869_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.54 KB
  PDF SX_02016878_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.14 KB
  PDF SX_02016879_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 144.33 KB
  PDF SX_02016883_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 143.31 KB
  PDF SX_02016897_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 140.49 KB
  PDF SX_02017101_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.23 KB
  PDF SX_02017102_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.74 KB
  PDF SX_02017103_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 115.63 KB
  PDF SX_02017104_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 115.97 KB
  PDF SX_02017105_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.10 KB
  PDF SX_02017106_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.63 KB
  PDF SX_02017110_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 116.62 KB
  PDF SX_02017111_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.93 KB
  PDF SX_02017112_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.41 KB
  PDF SX_02017113_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.91 KB
  PDF SX_02017114_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 115.96 KB
  PDF SX_02017115_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 115.85 KB
  PDF SX_02017116_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 115.95 KB
  PDF SX_02017117_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.98 KB
  PDF SX_02017118_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.16 KB
  PDF SX_02017119_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.88 KB
  PDF SX_02017120_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.87 KB
  PDF SX_02017121_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.10 KB
  PDF SX_02017122_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.12 KB
  PDF SX_02017123_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 120.42 KB
  PDF SX_02017127_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 121.90 KB
  PDF SX_02017131_SDS_EN.pdf 19-Nov-2020 117.76 KB