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Accuracy plus speed is in your hands.

This portable, hand-held color measurement instrument is designed to be used directly on a vehicle or part to obtain the correct color match and then transmit that reading into the formula retrieval system. This technology is used in conjunction with the VINdicator, a color matching tool based on a vehicle’s VIN.

  • Portable, hand-held instrument designed to be used directly on a vehicle or part to obtain the correct color match.
  • The instrument transmits the reading to the color formula retrieval system.
  • The color formula retrieval system retrieves and is designed to adjust the formula to produce an accurate match in the color quality you need.
  • It is designed to select the best formula when more than one is available to ensure the best match possible
  • Can store up to 999 readings in its large memory
  • If no paint code is available, it is designed to scan the entire database to find the best formula to reduce shading time to a minimum
  • AcquireRX Unit
  • Base Station
  • Bluetooth Driver/USB Drivers CD
  • White Calibration Plaque
  • Carrying Case
  • USB Cable
  • Black Calibration Trap
  • User Manual CD
  • Bluetooth USB Adapter/Install Instructions
  • (4)-AA 1.5V non-rechargeable Alkaline Batteries (installed)