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We live coatings. And we love color.

Henry Ford once told customers they could have any a car in any color they wanted, as long as it was black. Efficient? Yes. Boring? Believe it! At Axalta, we believe color adds excitement, beauty and personality to a vehicle. And our experts live their passion for color every day. Not only did we help pioneer the science of color measurement, we offer some of the most innovative color products and tools on the market today. So think of us as your color delivery experts.

Our tools and technology are designed to help technicians obtain the most accurate color match possible for every job, every time. Faster and easier than ever before. Because it’s not guesswork or approximation—it’s science.

And when you match colors faster, you can move cars through your shop and back to their owners faster. Which supports improved productivity, better profitability and higher customer satisfaction.

Learn more about how our color tools could help you enhance quality and improve bottom line performance for your business.