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Transportation Coatings for Light Vehicles

Around the world, light vehicle OEMs rely on Axalta Coating Systems to deliver performance and exceptional color palettes. From superior corrosion protection of our electrocoats to lush basecoat colors and topcoats, our goal is to create a beautiful finish that will endure under the toughest weather and road conditions. Leading color technology and design expertise is used to create colors that enable OEMs to provide their customers with beautiful choices today and outstanding and innovative colors year after year.

Backing our commitment to innovation, technology and color, we work hand in hand on-site at light vehicle manufacturing facilities to support our coatings systems at every step in the design and manufacturing process. Our consolidated process systems put it all together with cutting edge application technologies that provide efficiencies in manufacture and, along the way, support environmental goals with energy saving steps.

Axalta has also developed formulations to meet the growing demand for light weighting vehicles.  Coatings provide plastic automotive parts with aesthetically pleasing visual color effects – matte, high-gloss, pearl and metallic - and can also provide protection against premature mechanical or thermal failure. Plastic coatings from Axalta are designed to meet three specific and important criteria set by car makers. To achieve harmony our coatings are formulated to match perfectly with the rest of the vehicle. The flow and leveling of the plastic coated part should eliminate imperfections such as excessive orange peel, pinholing or air bubbles. Finally, technological durability is key. Axalta’s plastic coatings have demonstrated excellent adhesion, good scratch resistance and flexibility, and can be cured at a lower temperatures to prevent damage to the plastic substrate during bake cycles.

Transportation Coatings for Light Vehicles