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On the rails, our coatings are a leading choice for locomotives and high performance cars that carry liquids and dry bulk material which must be insulated from substrate materials to a range of passenger cars. Our coatings are not only tough but beautiful, enabling cities to have clean and colorful rail cars that people ride on every day. And we have expertise in everything on rails from passenger carriages to high-speed trains, locomotives, trams and metros for both interior and exterior uses.

With technology driven solutions, Axalta is the partner of choice coatings provider for the rail industry. Both the OEM and refurbishment sectors that build and repair passenger carriages, high speed trains, locomotives, tramway and metro interiors and exteriors can expect high-performance solutions.

Finding increasingly environmentally responsible technologies and products are challenges of today for the future that we are striving to address through our R&D.

Imron® primers, fillers, topcoats and clear-over-base systems in waterborne technology offer aesthetics, durability, high resistance to wear and low maintenance costs. The life of a train car, the on-going cleaning, weight reduction, duty cycles, and maintenance and upkeep costs are factors as important as the original investment.