Audurra FAQs

What is Audurra?

Axalta is launching its Audurra range of refinish accessories in Europe. Audurra’s products include a wide range of abrasives, masking tapes, films, nitrile gloves, degreasing wipes, polishing cloths, mixing cups, stirring sticks and paint stands just to mention a few. The Audurra product portfolio is tailored to complement the professional refinishing processes perfectly for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. The range of Audurra materials and tools will not only improve the standard of the refinish process but also optimize performance as well. With Audurra the consolidation of the paint and non paint requirements means a one-stop shop approach for bodyshops, which is easier and more convenient.

Will the Audurra portfolio be further extended?

The Audurra range of refinish accessories will be added to continuously. New Audurra products will be extensively tested in Axalta Training Centers across the region before they will be launched in order to ensure that Axalta`s high quality requirements will be met. It is not foreseen that Audurra will offer each and every product that could be used for Refinish repair processes. Audurra will focus on products that are easy to apply and that are used in daily repairs.

Why is no specific grit mentioned on the Audurra Premium Sanding Discs?

Axalta is introducing a defined sanding process developed for Axalta premium paints. The application and usage of the new Audurra premium abrasives system is easier thanks to the new sanding steps A-B-C-D-E. Only 8 items cover 90% of the applications. The required sanding result is realized with material and cost savings through a clear process with adjusted grit sizes according to application, not according to standards. The simplified process (only 4 grits for paint preparation) avoids application errors and guarantees recoatability without scratch and swirl marks.

What is the difference between the Audurra Premium Sanding Disc E and the other grits A-D?

The 15-holes Premium Sanding Disc E is a fine sanding disc with a film backing. The multi-hole Premium Sanding Discs A-D are manufactured with a paper backing. Analog to the abrasives range available from competition we decided on launching the premium sanding disc E with standard 15-hole pattern. Multi-hole discs have a clear advantage when sanding putties and fillers up to grit P600. As of P800 and finer this advantage gets lost.

Why is the hole pattern of the Audurra Premium Sanding Discs A-D not exactly matching to the hole pattern of the Audurra Interface pads and the backing pad?

Due to smaller holes, the multi-hole discs do not need to be completely aligned on the backing pads which results in significant time savings for end user. By covering individual dust extraction holes on the backing pad, the lateral air flow gets significantly increased due to the vacuum, thus full surface dust extraction is realized! Best dust extraction is achieved by using the Audurra backing pad with J-Hook offering optimal room for the dust flow. The Audurra backing pad is compatible with all common hole pattern including the Audurra Standard 21-hole Allround disc.

Is it possible to apply the Audurra Premium Sanding Strips 70 x 400mm on both Audurra Hand Blocks?

The Audurra Premium Sanding Strips 70 x 400mm are perforated in the middle and can be easily split. Therefore the strips can be applied on both Audurra hand blocks 70 x 400mm and 70 x 198mm. With only 3 Audurra articles we cover 6 grit/dimension variants.

Where can I find information about Audurra products?

The Audurra launch was communicated in a global press release which can be reviewed on the global Axalta homepage.

Further information like data sheets, a product catalog and an application video are available on the Audurra homepage: If you scan the QR-code which is printed on every Audurra product package you will be forwarded to this homepage as well.

In addition the Audurra products got uploaded into the webshops of Axalta`s premium brands Cromax, Standox and Spies Hecker.

Are Audurra products available in Asia as well?

The brand Audurra was originally established in Asia. Since 2015 Axalta is selling Audurra products in some Asian countries. The European Audurra portfolio got developed independent from the Asian products. Therefore the European Audurra products are completely different and have been developed especially to fulfill the requirements of European bodyshops.