Sustainability is central to Axalta’s business. From environmental and social performance to commercial initiatives, and governance, being a good neighbor and an engaged business partner are fundamental to our growth and success.

Axalta's manufacturing sites and research and development centers on five continents are designed to minimize our impact on the environment. Many of our products and application technologies are developed to support not only our own sustainability goals, but also those of our customers by increasing productivity and reducing emissions, energy use, and waste. We engage with a variety of stakeholders including customers, suppliers, industry organizations, non-governmental organizations and others to listen, learn and find ways to continually improve our performance. 

Sustainability Report 2016-2017

Axalta’s Sustainability Report 2016-2017 catalogues our progress and accomplishments related to sustainability.Our latest report provides a detailed overview of our governance systems, performance in operations, product development and technology, the ways we attract and develop our employees and initiatives that support the communities where we do business.The report includes Axalta’s Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Index, which was prepared in line with GRI Standards: Core Option. 

Sustainability Report 2016-2017

Human Rights

Axalta respects and protects human rights in the work place. Our principles are included in the Axalta Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and the Axalta Supplier Code of Conduct. We will not engage in, or do business with, any third party that engages in, the use of forced or involuntary labor, human trafficking, or child labor. Accordingly, we expect that our suppliers also certify that the products and materials they sell to Axalta are developed through practices that respect human rights. In addition to adherence to the Axalta Supplier Code of Conduct, our principles are also included in our standard contract terms and conditions.