Cosmetic Car Repair

New Market Opportunities 

Dents, scratches, chips and scrapes are all commonly seen on vehicles in your driveway, service department or workshop. For many vehicle owners, these small imperfections can be an inconvenience that affects appearance and resale value.  

Repairing small (or cosmetic) damage represents an exciting opportunity for car dealerships and repair facilities alike. With the Axalta Cosmetic Repair system, you can refurbish damaged vehicles to ‘as new’ condition in just a few short hours.  

Cosmetic Car Repair represents an opportunity to create a new profit centre for your business, the ability to reduce expenditure and potentially a new customer for life. 

What is a Cosmetic Repair? 

Cosmetic repairs are described as jobs which can be completed in the same day and only require around 1-4 hours of labour. They do not include any structural vehicle damage. Typical cosmetic repairs are chips and scratches, as well as headlight and wheel repairs. 


Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair is not just a set of tools or products. It is a complete turn-key solution designed to create a vehicle refurbishment opportunity within your business. 

To help you create this new revenue stream, the Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair system contains all the repair equipment you need for chips, dents, wheel scrapes and scratches, with everything contained in a specialised cabinet. 

Complementing this system is our menu-based estimating software package, Autopad. 

What is Autopad?  

Autopad is our digital estimating platform that has been developed for tablet and mobile devices. From any location, simple and accurate estimates can be created, approved and instantly sent to your technicians for processing. It also allows you to print and email invoices with signed off approval by the vehicle owner. 


As the Cosmetic Car Repair system is a solution based model, it is completely customisable and can be tailored to suit your needs and budget. There are various tiers you are able to consider based on the scale of repairs you are wanting to undertake as part of the system. All tiers are based on a minimum 8 x 8m footprint (not including loading or parking areas) as all repairs take place in a dedicated and safe work space. 

These customisable options give you complete control, placing you in the drivers seat to choose the direction you take with this new exciting opportunity.  

Axalta are here to support you every step of the way, providing a complete installation and training  package that covers: Cosmetic Repair Estimating, Colour Retrieval and Technical Application Processes. 

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