Axalta Colour Inspector

Our new wireless daylight lamp, the Axalta Colour Inspector, has been desgined for fast and accurate colour matching.  At the touch of a button refinishers can simulate differing light conditions and intensities, making metamerism visible and colour accuracy improved. With the energy-saving LEDs, powerful batteries and ergonomic handling the Axalta Colour Inspector is an invaluable cost and time saving tool for the professional bodyshop.

When choosing the right colour for repairing paint damage, the ambient light plays a crucial role. Usually the workshop lighting is not sufficient on its own for reliable colour identification. With Axalta Colour Inspector, bodyshops now have a solution to help avoid errors early on in the refinish process, particularly when selecting colour formulas.

Sometimes two colours can look identical in normal workshop light, but they can differ from each other quite considerably in midday or in early evening light. This effect is called metamerism and is not often visible until the finished car is driven away from the workshop. With the Axalta Colour Inspector, we can avoid this happening before the job is even started.

The Axalta Colour Inspector can not only mimic bright natural daylight but also, thanks to a second integrated light source, it can recreate the lower level light around sunset by the simple push of a button. This option is an advantage because the lower intensity LED setting allows for optimal viewing of metamerism.


Three levels of light intensity


The intensity of the energy-saving LEDs can be set to three different levels, adapting to different colour shades exceptionally well. This is particularly useful with lighter colours as a strong, bright light can cause a reflected glare that can potentially lead to the wrong colour match. Light level 1 makes it possible to compare light solid and effect colours accurately. Light level 2 is suitable for medium to light and mid-toned effect colours. And for darker effect colours, light level 3 shows the nuances helping to achieve an optimal colour and effect match. 

There are also three light sources – bright daylight, midday light plus the option of setting the lamp to a warmer, but still white, evening light. Equipped with this tool, refinishers will easily be able to identify colour differences, quickly and reliably.

Axalta Colour Inspector, can be used for almost anything, from colour comparison with colour swatches and sample panels to damage assessment.  It can also help with checking freshly painted surfaces before the application of the clear coat by detecting defects such as dust inclusions, sanding marks or small imperfections in the finish. Axalta Colour Inspector provides refinishers with a tool that will reveal even the slightest metamerism and effect differences. 


Powerful battery


Once taken off its stand the powerful battery ensures the cordless lamp can be used for up to four hours without the need to be constantly recharged. Due to the low energy consumption of the LEDs, the battery can handle a long day’s work and can be re-charge within two-and-a-half hours. The Axalta Colour Inspector is also very nice to work wit thanks to its minimal weight and ergonomic shape, the lamp is comfortable to handle with an easy grip and will support refinishers’ work. It's the ideal tool for professional refinishers with colour matching in the bodyshop.