Acquire Spectrophotometer

Fast and reliable colour identification


The Acquire is a portable computerized colour matching system which views and reads the actual car colour and transmits the reading into our colour retrieval software. This unbeatable combination helps make colour identification work more efficient, reliable and time saving.

Easy to use

Simply place the Acquire directly on a polished section of the car body. The integrated measuring head will read the colour shade from three different angles, which ensures highly accurate results even on metallic and pearlescent finishes. Featuring advanced fibre optics, the

Acquire looks right into the colour characteristics of the paint, ensuring that it's not tricked by different lighting, the way the human eye can be. The reading taken from the car body is then compared against the formulae in the colour retrieval system and the exact formula needed to create a blendable match is calculated.


Portable use

The Acquire spectrophotometer uses AA batteries, so battery replacement is easy and it can be used anywhere. And, it can hold up to 999 readings in memory, eliminating the need to download the spectrophotometer readings after just a few uses.


Features & Benefits


Key Components

The Acquire is comprised of the following components:

  •  Portable reading device (Spectrophotometer)
  • Software (Formula search and adjustment programme)
  • Dust-proof cradle designed for compact storage of the calibration equipment and Acquire



  • Solid housing
  • Ergonomic design
  • Good grip
  • Display, 128 x 64 dots


User Interface

  • Simple control button
  • Operation via thumbwheel
  • Easy to calibrate



  • Measurement of the effect coarseness, by manually adding the effect index
  • High light output through LED technology (16 LEDs)
  • Internal memory for measurement data
  • Reliable measurement due to 2 ‘contact pins'