Acquire Plus EFX

Perfect Match; Flawless Repair


AcquirePlus EFX Pro is our most advanced colour matching tool and not without reason the most productive spectrophotometer on the market today.

The Acquire Plus EFX makes colour selection faster and more accurate: measuring colours directly on the vehicle body – even effects are no problem for this handy colour expert. The handy 3-angle devide identifies all relevant color information including shades and nuances. As with the Acquire the measurement is taken directly from the vehicle body, close to the damaged area. The devise stores the measured data, which can then be converted directly into ready mixed formulas on the PC with each brand's colour retrevial sofware: more than half a million formulas in different qualities are stored here.  


  • Measures any colour, even effect colours
  • Full colour database, automatic formula correction and internal memory
  • Powerful internal LED light source
  • Touch-screen, innovative software and graphic interface
  • Compact and user-friendly design with protective cover




Features & Benefits



  • Stable housing
  • Modern design
  • High Quality Handling
  • FT colour display with protective film (320 x 240 pixel)


User Interface

  • Large and secure control button
  • Operation via touchscreen with stylus or thumbwheel
  • Easy to use supported by an intuitive graphical user interface



  • Measurement of the effect coarseness
  • Current LED technology (20 LEDs) provides higher light output Internal memory for data, such as the car brand list and further information
  • Pre selection of car brands directly to the device via touch screen
  • Optimal positioning for reliable measurements on a flat surface through 4 ‘contact pins’Best
  • Measurement results by avoiding extraneous light icon)
  • Calibrations less often required
  • 100% protection against stray light due to additional rubber ring at the measurement port