Starry Night

Global Automotive Color of the Year 2024

Starry Night is a strong, contemporary color with light blue and silver flakes that evokes the depths of our universe and space exploration. The black shade represents bold imaginations and the drive to reach new heights. As a dynamic hue, Starry Night transcends classic and modern design styles and harmonizes with other colors, finishes, patterns, and textures.

Starry Night marks the 10th year Axalta has introduced its automotive color of the year and the first time featuring a black shade.

“Black is the second most popular automotive color globally and we’re excited to feature a black shade as our 2024 Global Automotive Color of the Year,” said Dan Benton, Global Color Marketing Director at Axalta. “Starry Night is a hue where black is bright and dark is distinguished. This year’s color is part cosmic and part classic, but all Axalta.”