Tradiebot Virtual Skills Simulator for NSW Department of Education

We are a strong supporter of training and development in the vehicle painting industry. Most recently, we have sponsored the purchase of a Tradieforce Virtual Reality Skills Simulator by Tradiebot that features their proprietary SprayVIS spray painting software.  The NSW Department of Education and their Regional Industry Education Partnerships program will be using this Tradieforce Console, together with Axalta, Tradiebot Industries and other partners. It is a technologically advanced, Virtual Reality (VR) training tool featuring a spray-painting training simulator and pairing with the Tradieforce mobile app.  The combination of console and app are designed to provide an immersive training environment for students and a way to connect with potential apprenticeships in their local area.

The VR console and app will initially be used in several high schools in the North Shore region of Sydney, focusing on highlighting the level of technology used in the refinishing industry to students.

“Axalta is passionate about supporting students and the longevity of our industry. We believe initiatives like the Tradieforce Training and Gaming Simulator will provide students with an opportunity to experience the rewarding and creative aspects of a career in vehicle painting.” said Paul Polverino, National Training Manager at Axalta Australia. 

The Tradieforce Console will give high school students an opportunity to experience a ‘realistic’ VR vehicle painting job activity, with the intention of attracting interest from high school students and those looking for employment.  We hope to ignite interest in considering career opportunities in the vehicle painting trade while connecting their interest via the mobile application.