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Take the opportunity to experience the quality of Sontara® wipes with a free sample pack of the Automotive range! Reach out to your local Axalta distributor today to secure your pack and take the first step towards perfecting your craft.

In the world of automotive refinishing, achieving that flawless finish is paramount, and Sontara® is the trusted name that delivers a broad portfolio of wiping products for cleaning in automotive and industrial environments.

With Sontara®'s revolutionary hydroentangling technology, these specialised wipes are meticulously engineered to combat the challenges of dust, lint, and debris using fabric that boasts softness, strength, and minimal linting.

The Sontara® product line includes the Solvent Wash & Dry Cloth, a Degreasing Cloth, the essential Primary Tack Cloth, and the Static Control Wipe. Each product within the range is manufactured using proprietary technology to guarantee superior absorbency, durability, and lint control, significantly reducing the risk of paint defects and ensuring a flawless finish the first and every time.

For more information on the Sontara® range, watch the short video detailing the four wipes and their usage.

Sontara® is a registered trademark of Jacob Holm Group and can be purchased through Axalta and its network of distributors.