Fast Cure Low Energy Technology – Helping Bodyshops Cope with Energy Price Pressures

The cost of living is increasing but what is hitting homeowners and businesses alike is the soaring cost of energy.

“For bodyshop owners across the region these rising energy cost could not come at a worse time. After two years of struggling during the pandemic, energy costs are spiking with no assurance that the increases will slow. This latest trend could be the final straw that breaks some bodyshop’s back. Ultimately, this could force some repairers to close their doors. Fortunately, Axalta is committed to driving continual technological innovation, with the end goal of making a bodyshop’s entire paint repair journey faster, easier and more profitable. Our patented, Fast Cure Low Energy technology reduces energy consumption in the spraybooth while still achieving the best quality repair. It is exactly what bodyshops need now to support them through this crisis,” says Jim Iliopoulos, Product and Technical Manager, Australia and New Zealand.

Based on Axalta’s revolutionary in-house chemistry that uses both temperature and ambient humidity to accelerate the drying process, the full product system delivers the perfect balance between high speed and low baking energy consumption, while providing the highest quality finish. It is the only refinish system that can be dried at lower baking temperatures, or at air dry temperatures of 20◦C, and still have the productivity of traditional systems. Bodyshops can opt to use this speed of performance to offer rapid repair services that will increase their profitability.

“Our Fast Cure Low Energy technology is unique. At a time when bodyshops are facing a significant energy crisis that will eat into already pressurised margins, it is the lifeline they have come to expect from Axalta Refinish,” adds Iliopoulos.