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Axalta Coating Systems’ Colour Journey that has Helped Shape the Automotive Industry

Axalta Coatings Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, for more than 150 years have focused on colour research and development to drive bodyshop productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. This commitment to colour is reflected in their recently launched brochure ‘We live colour’ that highlights Axalta’s colour expertise in traditional and digital colour tools that have helped shape the automotive industry to what you see today.

A perfect colour match to the original OEM finish is the hallmark of an exceptional repair. But with the more than 70,000 shades of colour on the market, weather damage, vehicle age and manufacturing differences, refinisher are faced with an overwhelming task to accurately determine the right colour formula quickly.  Axalta has always understood this and have provided colour tools designed to make this crucial part of the process fast, simple and seamless.

‘We live colour’ demonstrates Axalta’s competency in understanding the importance the role that colour tools and research plays in helping a bodyshop achieve an outstanding refinish result.  It highlights the history behind all the latest technological advances in colour -  traditional and digital - and the impact these advances have had in the colour tool offering you see today. 

Axalta’s well known traditional tools have evolved from this very understanding.  From fan deck systems sprayed with actual paint, tinting charts, colour posters and flake selectors to patented value shade systems and colour tool boxes, Axalta’s tools have allowed refinishers to directly compare the vehicle’s original paint at a glance with ease and accuracy.

Axalta has also taken colour management to a whole new level. Digital colour matching tools that can save time, reduce cycle times, increase workflow and reduce waste have been at the forefront of Axalta’s technological advancements. From the launch of the first spectrophotometers, colour retrieval software, barcode readers to wireless daylight lamps - futuristic technology made easy at the touch of a button. No matter what major refinish brand you use, Axalta’s offering has the right colour support tools to help find the perfect finish quickly and easily.

It doesn’t just stop at colour tools, Axalta has been at the leading edge of colour research with the establishment of the first Color Advisory Committee in 1927 to creating the first publication to track automotive colour styling and consumer colour trends – The Global Color Popularity Report – in 1953. It is the largest and longest running report of its kind and provides great insight for automakers as they plan future vehicle designs and styling, driving the market’s next generation of automotive coating colours. To see our Global Popularity Reports, go to

As the industry continues to evolve and strives to innovate for customers worldwide, Axalta is committed to providing the best possible coatings available. From solid to metallic, pearlescent and sparkle coatings to Xirallics® Axalta will continue to develop and improve ways to make colour accuracy easy – helping to move cars through a bodyshop and back to their owners sooner. 

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