Tech Tip: Get the Light Right

Whether carrying out damage appraisals, comparing car colour with samples or checking the freshly painted finish for dust inclusions, using the right light is critical to getting it right. Using your Axalta Colour Inspector, you can achieve optimal colour conditions at any time by choosing the right light level.

• LIGHT LEVEL 1 makes it possible to compare light solid and effect colours accurately. Choose this for silver colours.

• LIGHT LEVEL 2 is suitable for medium and mid-toned effect colours.

• LIGHT LEVEL 3 is best for dark and very dark colours.

Daylight (clean light D65) is good for overall colour and flake assessment for Metallic and Solid colours. The evening light (A) or red light is good for checking metamerism.

When it comes to judging between two different test panels for Metallic colours, the evening light is also best.

The Axalta Colour Inspector is available to buy from your local distributor.