Tech Tip: Blend Matching Made Easy

Australian painters are renowned for being thorough when it comes to colour matching. At times this can result in spending too much time looking for a perfect match, when a blendable match will suffice. Blending is often recognised and recommended as the most efficient method to achieve a commercially acceptable colour match.

The new Blendable Match Evaluator is a handy magnetic tool which gives painters a quick way to assess colours by standing back from a vehicle and viewing a colour chip against the vehicle colour. They are then able to gauge if the chip is close enough to blend into surrounding panels. Assessing suitability is easier as the chip is not edge-to-edge with the vehicle, which takes away some of the worry associated with colour matching.

To further assist in the colour matching process, we recommend you use a product such as Finixa Control Spray over any spray out cards. This provides a good gloss, simulating a clear coat and giving a better colour representation.

To request a tool, talk to your distributor or Axalta consultant.