Global Paint Defects Videos: Suncream Staining and Orange Peels

We have two new videos in our Global Paint Defect Series! This series examines the cause and solution for common paint defects that painters can face during the refinish process. Our two new videos look at Orange Peels and Suncream Staining paint defects.

Orange Peels

Orange Peel is a known paint defect which every painter has already experienced in his career. But do you know what does cause this defect?

This episode guides you through what causes this defect and how to avoid it when painting.

Suncream Staining

When going out in summer, it is common that we protect ourselves from becoming sunburnt by using a commercially available suncream. But did you know that suncream or other cosmetics can harm the coating of your car, leaving milky patches in the shape of finger or handprints permanently on the surface?

The video takes you through this quite under-estimated, but serious issue in our Global Paint Defects Series.