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Axalta Expands its Industrial Range with the Launch of the New Sagola 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun

Sagola has recently launched the new 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun to meet the high output application demands of the commercial and industrial segments head on. The new gun is an addition to the industrial range offered by Axalta Coating Systems, the sole importer of Sagola guns in Australia, providing painters with the right industrial solution at an economical price without sacrificing the quality of the final finish. 

Axalta’s product portfolio offering continues to evolve to meet industrial coating requirements of its customers. The 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun is testament to this philosophy, developed to paint larger surface areas commonly associate with commercial and general industrial applications, such as chaser bins, rail cars, machinery, truck chassis and trailers to name a few.  And, as with all Sagola guns, the 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun complies with the most stringent manufacturing regulations and quality parameters.  

Sagola’s 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun provides high-speed, precision application and optimal accuracy to ensure cost-efficient, quality spray. The gun’s body is made of highly resistant anodize forged aluminium, coupled with stainless steel nozzles and needles. These nozzles and needles come in two variants, 1.6 and 1.8 that deliver fine and heavy atomization respectively, with improved spray patterns and film thickness control for primer and topcoat applications. They are, in addition to the air cap, interchangeable allowing the spray painter to easily adapt to the varying product applications and working conditions.  Plus, significant cost savings are delivered as you can either purchase a replacement needle and nozzle as a set, or purchase the individual air cap. 

For extra deposit capacity, a one litre aluminium pot is provided, including a double watertight gasket and single piece automatic paint packing gland system with an anti-drip lid. These features help make spraying easier, especially those that require continuous work processes and large surfaces.  The gun also allows painting at right angles, which is perfect for hard to reach places such as a chassis. 

“Getting the job done faster is the key behind the design of the 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun,” explained Paul Polverino, Axalta’s National Training Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “The gun’s advanced ergonomics, low gravity centre, resistance polishing and anodizing, allows painters to comfortably spray more complicated applications with ease, reducing tiredness.  There are no gaskets or O-rings and partnered with a 3-year warranty and competitive pricing, the 4100 Xtreme Suction Spray Gun offers great value all round for high demand applications.”