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Axalta Provides Innovative Solutions to Achieve Perfect Colour Match for Newly Released Exclusive Colours from Mitsubishi and Lexus

We have been developing colour formulations and processes for light vehicle manufacturers (OEMs) around the world for nearly a century. More importantly, our expertise has led them to specialise in providing solutions for exceptionally challenging colours, such as the recently released Mitsubishi’s Red Diamond (P62) and Lexus’ Structural Blue (8Y0), whose exclusive cutting edge colour technology require specialised formulas and processes to achieve the perfect colour match.

Since large scale manufacturing brought passenger cars to the mass markets, original equipment manufacturers have focused on colour as a defining point of difference in their exclusive portfolio offering. Style and character of a car are perceived visually, making colour the key feature of a car’s exterior design and why manufacturers place so much emphasis on designing new and exclusives colours palettes. Axalta’s strong relationship with their OEM partners ensures that the right formulations and processes are made available to support bodyshops meet the demanding technical processes required of these unique colours.

Mitsubishi’s Red Diamond Metallic (P62) 

The Red Diamond Metallic is a newly released 2018 colour exclusive to Mitsubishi’s Eclipse Cross GT Diamond range, designed to create a modern distinction to a highly saturated SVU market. Red Diamond Metallic P62’s striking bright high chroma red is achieved using a tinted clear coat technique, the basis of which includes metallic basecoat and a 2K fine red tinted clear coat. This process helps Mitsubishi Red Diamond colour achieve its rich luminescent depth, however, the metallic basecoat’s silver flakes make it difficult to blend and therefore achieve an exact replica to the original manufacturer’s colour. Axalta, in response to this, has worked tirelessly to develop a formulation and effective repair application process to best replicate this highly-saturated red.  

Lexus’ Structural Blue (8Y0) 

Lexus defines luxury, sophistication and exclusivity and that philosophy led to a 15-year journey to create Structural Blue (8Y0) that adorns each LC Coupe and has been released in Australia and across the globe in extremely limited numbers.  This colour was developed using ground breaking technology to replicate the shimmering deep blue colour of an American Morpho butterfly’s wing, a colour never seen before in the market. 

The new technology employed by Lexus has made the refinishing of this new colour challenging. The Lexus Structural Blue contains a high tech multi-layered pigment that reflects nearly 100% of incoming light, plus nano size synthetic bright blue flakes needed to accurately represent the blue’s high luminance and colour saturation. Technology this advanced has led to this material being extremely costly making accurate colour matching the first-time top priority for a bodyshop, which is why Axalta has developed the right formulations and procedures to replicate the blue and avoid costly rework.

“We understand the importance of colour in your bodyshop and the impact it has on productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction,” said Jim Iliopoulous, Axalta’s Product and Technical Manager for Australia and New Zealand. “Our colour team takes notice of each new eye-catching model and its corresponding colour pigment, as they are launched onto the market. We make sure you have the right tools, information, formulations and processes regarding how different types of colours should be repaired, helping to move cars through your bodyshop and back to their owners faster.”