NEW Sagola ‘Black Racing’ Limited Edition Spray Gun

We are excited to release  Sagola’s latest 3300 GTO – the limited edition black racing model featuring a new soft flow air valve, boasting maximum softness in the trigger. It works like lightning with high transfer efficiency and application speed, and what’s more, there is the option of either a TECH Aircap for basecoat and clearcoat finishes, or an EVO Aircap for wet-on-wet primers, both available in 1.3 and 1.4 nozzle sizes.

The 3300 GTO is a high-quality spray gun without the high price tag, a truly universal spray gun that can be used with a range of products due to its flexibility with aircaps and nozzle choice. Designed for the best response at any pressure, you can’t go wrong.

Beautifully finished and with a 3-year warranty, it is not only easy and light to handle, but boasts outstanding value. BLACK IS BACK! Available from your local Axalta distributor.

 To see the Black Racing Limited Edition spray gun in action, visit