New Look Labels Coming to Axalta Brands

Soon you will see a brand-new look on the product labels of three Axalta brands – Standox, Spies Hecker and Cromax. The new look label designs are aimed at improving product selection, but also assist in identifying products that work well together in a repair system.

The freshly updated product labels for each brand have similar changes, such as product codes and product descriptors being displayed more prominently on the front of the label, as well as coloured panels (or waves for Standox) indicating what product family and therefore what technology is contained within the tin.

However, the most noticeable changes are for the Standox brand. The attractive, modern Standox product label design uses more colour than previous; with descriptions clear and to the point, providing all the information professional painters need and want.

The updated product labels for all three brands also include new icon elements to visually communicate additional but essential information. Health and safety icons convey how the product should be handled; segment icons illustrate whether the product is designed for commercial vehicle or industrial applications; and paint system icons show to which repair system the product belongs.

Rest assured, that while the look of Axalta products are changing, the same quality product within the can remains unchanged. The newly designed labels will roll out across all product types by the end of the year.

To view the specific design element changes for each brand, follow the links below:

Spies Hecker: