Car repair paint has never been so productive with CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear from Cromax

The new CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear is the latest in a line of innovative product launches from Cromax that helps refinishers increase throughput. It is based on unique and patented resin technology from Axalta. CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear is the most recent addition to the revolutionary Cromax Ultra Performance Energy System, which offers refinishers faster process times and reduced energy consumption. The system is the ideal choice for bodyshops looking for a balance between speed and energy use, while also ensuring outstanding results.

Jim Iliopoulos, Product & Technical Manager ANZ, says, “The CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear is specifically designed to improve workflow in bodyshops where high productivity and fast process times are needed."

This latest generation of revolutionary clearcoat has improved resin technology, is easy to use and offers flexible application in 1.5 or 2 coats to match OEM finishes, plus it has excellent vertical stability and filling power. When used as part of the Ultra Performance Energy System, CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear comes into its own as refinishers do not need to activate the basecoat, which simplifies the process.

The new clearcoat can also be tinted with Cromax Tinted Clearcoat Additives to match special OEM colours. CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear is especially formulated for fast drying at low temperatures, however it can also be dried at 60ºC. “We are particularly pleased to offer our bodyshops highly accelerated drying times, such as 30 to 55 minutes at 20°C and 10 to 15 minutes at 40°C to 45°C. These cut both spray booth occupation times as well as energy costs while still delivering a robust performance with an exceptional finish. This is an easy way for bodyshops to offer profitable revenue streams such as Fast Repair,” says Iliopoulos.

The Ultra Performance Energy System comprises: PS1800 Metal Pretreatment Wipes; PS1081, PS1084 and PS1087 Ultra Performance Energy Surfacers; the NS2081, NS2084 and NS2087 Ultra Performance Non-Sanding Surfacers; the Cromax Pro Basecoat; and the new CC6750 Ultra Performance Energy System Clear.

“The Ultra Performance Energy System is incomparable to any other product solutions our refinishers have used before - 50% faster process times than similar solutions,” says Iliopoulos.