Axalta Supported Ambulances Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Due to the sudden outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-CoV) in China, there has been a sharp rise in demand for negative pressure ambulances on the front lines in Wuhan and Hubei. The biggest difference between negative pressure ambulances and ordinary ambulances is that there is an independent isolation medical cabin in the car, which has the characteristics of antisepsis, isolation, ventilation and bacteria resistance. It can disinfect and filter the air exchange inside and outside the car, killing 99.97% of the bacteria.

When Ford JMC approached Axalta about painting a fleet, speedy arrangements were made to fulfil the order. After taking the appropriate precautions to ensure employee safety as well as obtaining approval from the local government and the community, the Axalta China team arrived at the customer site on January 27, working overtime with the customer to complete the order.

The Changchun Plant provided timely support to the production at Ford JMC. In order to deliver the negative pressure ambulances in a timely manner to the epidemic front lines, Axalta China applied for a special permit to transport the ambulance coating made in the Changchun plant to the customer site.