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Axalta Services Launches a New Course for Bodyshops to Effectively Recruit, Hire and Train Staff in Australia

Axalta Coating Systems is offering nationally an I-CAR® approved Recruiting, Hiring and Staff Training Course designed for owners and managers to develop a strategy to attract and sustain high quality candidates to a bodyshop. Participants will walk away with an in-depth understanding of how to improve bodyshop recruitment and hiring practices that will not only help to improve business efficiencies and productivity but will ultimately translate into happier staff and a sustainable business model.

Axalta Services’ latest course is designed to support a bodyshop manager/owner’s largest responsibility - recruiting, hiring, and training quality people.  The primary objective of the course is people development for a bodyshop. From the establishment of a recruitment and hiring strategy to inductions (also  known as on-boarding), training, mentoring, coaching and performance reviews. The program will show how to effectively attract high-quality candidates, mould them to the company’s culture and keep them engaged in the business for the long term. Strategies designed to keep and develop staff, have never been more critical, as the pool of people from which to draw upon is dwindling to crisis levels.

One bad hire is enough to destroy a small business, so managers/shop owners need to get it right the first time. Taking time to create a plan to recruit, hire and train the right candidate will lead to greater returns on investment. New blood that naturally fits in with a bodyshop’s team and company culture will create greater opportunities for business sustainability. Not only is a stronger skill set on offer but if trained right, the new candidate will deliver the highest level of service and product to customers time after time.  Hiring the right candidate means potential savings in time with the bonus of improved productivity and profitability.

The I-CAR certified course is taught using a highly interactive guided learning model to keep attendees engaged in the learning process. Numerous concepts will be available, including:

  • Identifying the task or functions critical to the success of an owner/manager.
  • Reviewing the owner/manager's goals that will lead to long-term success of an organisation.
  • Improving the ability to recruit, interview, and hire employees.
  • Creating an on-boarding and mentoring program for employees.
  • How to train, coach and conduct performance reviews.

Axalta’s Training Alliance with I-CAR means that the upon completion of the Recruitment course an attendee will be awarded credit hours that can be applied towards the I-CAR Gold Class Professionals, Platinum Individual designations, or be used to meet role‑relevant annual training requirements. The training dates for Recruiting, Hiring and Training Staff in 2018 are:

  • Queensland – 13 June
  • South Australia – 20 June
  • New South Wales – 18 July
  • Victoria – 25 July
  • Western Australia – 8 August

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