It is estimated that more than half of all vehicles on Australian roads that have travelled 20,000 kilometres will have noticeable cosmetic damage; affecting not only the appearance, but potentially also its value. With the newly launched Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair program, from the refinish experts at Axalta Coating Systems, this represents a whole new potential revenue stream for bodyshops (who don’t currently do small repairs), car dealerships or even those that want to explore setting up a specific shop for cosmetic repairs.

In just hours, technicians can complete micro paint repairs, fix chips, scratches and headlight covers—a facelift for aging vehicles, using advanced Axalta processes and technology. This ability to refurbish, repair and renew worn vehicles to like new condition in just a few hours, lends itself to a dedicated area which allows for a fast-turnaround of smaller jobs that would otherwise have been included in the overall queue of work.

Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair is not just a set of tools or products. It’s a turnkey process designed to create a vehicle reconditioning profit centre within a business. Axalta supplies repair products for cosmetic repair in a custom designed cabinet, with paint scales that measure to one hundredth of a gram to ensure mixing small volumes of colour as low as 50ml accurately. By using Syrox waterborne paints, there is no need for a full mixing machine, as the products are able to simply be shaken. As well as the above, the package includes a “mobile spraybooth”, menu-based quoting software, set-up recommendations and all necessary equipment to ensure fast turnaround for small repairs.

Axalta also provides a complete training package covering Estimating, Colour Retrieval and Technical Processes. The comprehensive technical training is designed to deliver a complete skill set for cosmetic work, including the subtleties of keeping small jobs small to save on material cost.

Axalta Cosmetic Car Repair helps customers make their cars look better, potentially restoring the value of their second most expensive asset. These new services aim to create a new market space, a new revenue stream—and potentially a customer for life.