Axalta Introduces CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive

As we head into winter, wet weather becomes more prevalent and subsequently so does the occurrence of slips. On surfaces that can become especially slippery, the new CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive from Axalta could be a life saver, or at least a slip saver.

Axalta’s CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive has been designed for industrial applications. It creates a safe, slip-resistant surface by adding texture to the primer and topcoat without changing the colour, performance or properties of the paint. The process for using the additive is simple, as it can be combined with existing industrial primer or topcoat mix and can be sprayed through conventional spraying equipment. There is no additional waste, mess or inconsistent distribution, and importantly no additional drying time.

Based on Axalta technology, the CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive has only recently been introduced into the Australian market. Initially its purpose was to provide Antislip surfaces on vehicles and modules for the Department of Defence Land 121 3(b) contract.

CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive meets Australian Standard 4586:2013 and German Ramp Test DIN 51130.

For more information on the CS220 Percotop Antislip Additive, contact your local Axalta distributor or call 1800 292 582.