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Audurra Introduces New Disposable Spray Gun Cup System

Audurra continues to design and develop high-quality user friendly products with the introduction of a disposable spray gun cup system that is suitable for the automotive repair industry, plus commercial, industrial and joinery applications. 

Disposable Spray Gun Cup System

Audurra’s disposable cup system offers a simple solution to the time-consuming processes associated with continuously cleaning air spray gun cups or mixing cups. The cups are designed to save time, reduce paint usage and exposure to harmful fumes and chemicals, whilst minimising mess and the necessary clean up between jobs. The design of the cup enables a refinisher to mix paint in the cup on the scales then clip it onto the gun with a fitted adaptor, spray then throw away the used cup.

The system includes specialised reusable plastic mixing cups used with flexible disposable liners and lids. Each pack of 850ml, 650ml and 400ml, comprises of 50 disposable lids and flexible liners in each box, with various adaptors that fit most brands of spray guns, sold separately. The cups are made of heavy duty polyethylene and suitable for both waterborne and solvent paints. No mess, no fuss, no hassle!

To find out more about how the Audurra range can help you optimise the automotive repair coating process in your bodyshop contact an Axalta distributor today or go to