Axalta Appointed Strategic Coatings Supplier to Bustech in Australia

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with Bustech. Through this partnership, Axalta will be the strategic coatings supplier to Bustech, an Australian supplier of government and private sector passenger vehicles. With extensive experience in supplying coatings to the commercial market globally, Axalta is well positioned to meet the needs of Bustech today and into the future.

The partnership involves more than just the delivery of paint. Axalta and Bustech will work closely together to develop an innovative product portfolio and paint processes to ensure exceptional quality and timely delivery.

“As a market leader in Australia, Axalta fits well with the requirements of Bustech, to be a partner that is tuned into delivering quality products and solutions to meet customer requirements,” said Steven Brett, Managing Director, Axalta Australia and New Zealand. “With more than 150 years of expertise in the paint and coatings industry, we can leverage our global experience to deliver local solutions to the Bustech team and its customers in Australia.”

Bustech is based in Burleigh Heads on Queensland's famous Gold Coast and is Australia’s largest privately-owned bus manufacturer. Designing, engineering and manufacturing chassis’ and bodies for mass passenger vehicles, 95% of all parts and components are sourced from local Australian suppliers, delivering unmatched economic development and sustainability for Australia. Bustech is owned by the Australian Bus Corporation, which also owns Precision Buses based in Edinburgh Parks, South Australia. Through this partnership, Axalta will also work with Precision Buses in its Adelaide facility replicating the model it has with Bustech.

“Axalta’s experience in the commercial vehicle industry gives us great confidence that they will be able to provide the necessary products and support as we continue to build on the strong platform we have, positioning ourselves for future product development with our strategic partners,” said Thinus Steyn, CEO, Bustech. “We are confident this partnership will help us continue to be a leading supplier of government and private sector passenger vehicles in Australia.”

About Bustech

Bustech is Australia's largest privately owned bus manufacturer. Bustech is 100% Australian owned and operated and is based in Burleigh Heads on Queensland's famous Gold Coast.
Bustech designs, engineers and manufactures chassis’ and bodies for mass passenger vehicles. Bustech has an established factory facility, with a production capacity of 250 buses per annum and also has joint venture arrangements in South Australia and Tasmania, supplementing the overall capacity for the group by 100 and 50 buses per annum, respectively.