Axalta Services’ Business Councils Designed to Help Participants See their Business with Fresh Eyes

If you are looking to grow and improve business in your bodyshop, Axalta Services, is there to lend a helping hand through its local Business Council Meetings. These meetings will be conducted in the fourth quarter of 2018 in Queensland and South Australia to provide bodyshop owners exposure to the latest industry trends and techniques, with an opportunity to network with like-minded industry professionals.

For many, local Businsess Council Meetings have been an unparalleled avenue to network and learn from like-minded industry partners. More importantly they have provided members with a better understanding of the latest market innovation updates and how they can leverage from them to improve their own productivity and efficiency goals. This is derived from the meeting’s focus on targeting each businesses’ strategies, actions and timings needed to achieve the bodyshop’s ultimate goals.

“Axalta is excited to offer bodyshops an opportunity to build a network with other industry operators who share the same goals and face the same challenges,” said Robin Taylor, Axalta Services Manager. “We strive to provide connections to industry experts, so our customers stay informed, and deliver the information to help drive improvement in their business.”
Axalta designs the local Business Council meetings to be interactive, where participants create most of the discussions, including review of changes within the current market. Attendees are also encouraged to complete action plans that will then be followed up in future coaching visits.

Past Council meetings have received positive reviews, such as that of Business Council attendee Peter Impedovo of Casanova Crash Repairs who said, “The Business Council was a beneficial event and I found that comparing our shop to the benchmarks allowed us to see where we fit within the current market. I also found the market update very interesting and I benefitted from the opportunity to network with other repairers.”

Axalta’s Local Business Council meetings will be conducted on Wednesday, 14 November in South Australia and Wednesday, 27 November in Queensland from 9.00am – 5.00pm. Anyone interested in attending the meeting should register on thsi webiste. Non-member repair shop owners are also welcome to attend to get a first-hand look at how the Business Council can help them achieve their business goals.