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For an Informative Session Designed to Improve your Business Processes

Axalta will be running 3 informative sessions during April and May 2018 that are designed to improve your business processes.

Effective Scheduling: Want to improve your throughput? Learn how better scheduling in your shop can Improving Efficiency, Productivity and Cycle Times. (Presented by Axalta Services) 

Making Superstars: How you can get your staff to perform to their maximum capacity, turning them into SUPERSTARS? We will look at what we do in the administrative parts of the of the repair process and how we can improve staff performance. (Presented by 1Q1) 

Session Locations and Dates

QLD - 18 April 2018

NSW - Postponed

VIC - 16 May 2018

Cost: Free. You'll need to reserve your spot by contacting or call 02 8818 4344

Please click the invitation for your location on the right hand side. 

VIC Session