Introducing the 1K WB Stonechip Guard

After spending time, money and effort on achieving the perfect finish for your commercial vehicle, a simple chip can ruin it all. The new 1K Waterborne Stonechip Guard from Axalta is a chip resistant, flexible coating designed to extend the lifespan of commercial vehicles on the road.

1K Waterborne Stonechip guard provides excellent protection against stone chip damage and as an anti-corrosive barrier for vehicle underbodies. This highly flexible coating absorbs and deflects impact from road debris that all vehicles are exposed to during their service life.

“This product is a great addition to our portfolio. It will allow our commercial vehicle customers to keep their vehicles on the road for longer. This is expecially important for those whose livelihoods rely on their vehicles being in service on the road rather than in the repair shop for maintenance.” said Michael Busch, OEM and Military Manager at Axalta Australia.

The product is easy to apply using conventional spraying equipment. After applying the coating onto the clean substrate surface, it is touch dry after 30 miutes and can be recoated after 2 hours at room temperature. Due to the waterborne nature of the product, it is easier to clean up and also provides better working conditions for painters.

For more information, please contact your local Axalta distributor or call 1800 292 582.