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Axalta Coating Systems Launches New 1K E-Coat Repair Primers and Clear Coat in a Spray Can in Australia

Axalta Coating Systems has launched a new range of 1K E-Coat Repair Primers and Clear Coat for the Australian automotive refinish market that have been specially formulated to provide quick and economical solutions for coating structural repairs on a factory finish. 

Traditionally, in an effort to replicate the original electro-coat (e-coat) primer colour, painters would often mix and use 1K basecoat and then apply a 2K clear coat. Apart from consuming valuable time and material, these products would not deliver the original steel corrosion protection required.

With a focus on driving productivity for customers, Axalta has introduced a new solution to this refinish challenge, based on the use of an anti-corrosive, etch primer style product in an aerosol can.  The new Axalta 1K E-Coat Repair Primers hold properties the same as a 1K etch primer, so provides corrosion protection, as well as excellent adhesion.

“The 1K E-Coat Repair Primers offers our customers a host of benefits, and it is an important addition to the Axalta primer and clear coat portfolio, strengthening our commitment to help customers increase their productivity,” said John Nettleton, Axalta’s Colour and Product Manager for Australia and New Zealand. 

It is designed for customers who may notice a small area, like an edge, which has been sanded down to the metal. Rather than use a wash-primer and filler, which can take a while to dry, painters only need to shake the aerosol can, to spray one or two coats of 1K E-Coat Repair Primer over the affected area. Drying occurs in 15 minutes at 20oC allowing for the immediate application of the basecoat.

The 1K E-Coat Repair Primers and Clear Coat are supplied in a 400ml aerosol can, for quick and easy application.  The adjustable 400ml can aerosol nozzle allows the user to select a wider or narrower spray fan to suit the intended job, providing a good fill capacity and adhesion to recommended substrates. It is intended for small areas and spot repairs that require limited spot prime applications and can easily coat difficult to reach parts as well.

Thanks to its ease of use and shortened drying times, 1K E-Coat Primer can significantly cut process times and avoid lengthy corrective measures. There’s no need to spend time mixing, no wasted product and no clean up!  A handy carry case is also available, which means the products can always be close at hand.

In addition, the 1K E-Coat range offers seven colours to allow the user to closely match to almost all OEM E-coat finishes from around the world and can be identified by the coloured neck of the aerosol can. For a glossier finish, the primer can be over coated with the 1K ECR Clear Coat. 

1K E-Coat Repair Primers and Clear Coat are available through Axalta’s distribution network. 

For more information please call 1800 292 582.

About Axalta Coating Systems 

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