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The number and types of Duxone products on offer differs per region. Be aware that some Duxone  products may not be available in your market.


Lasting quality at an affordable price.

Duxone is a compact ancilliary range that offers good value for a good price. Based on Axalta Coating Systems technologies, the Duxone range of products deliver lasting quality and include clear coats, high solids primer fillers, thinners and hardeners, plus wax and grease removers.

DX64G_3,5 L_web (1)

DX64G 2K Surfacer Grey

Duxone primer-fillers is chromate free and is based on acrylic urethan technology.  It makes the surface smoother, protects it, and improves the ability of the basecoat or topcoat to bind to it. Duxone primers can be easily applied and sanded according to the requirements of the job.

  • Easy application, good flow 
  • Very high solids & excellent coverage 
  • Perfect filling and easy to sand 
  • Excellent topcoat appearance

DX61G_3 L_mid

DX61 Primer Surfacer

  • Wet-on-wet filling wash primer 
  • Short flash between coats 
  • Can be re-coated with 2K Surfacers or on small spots directly with 2K topcoat or basecoat


DX1060 1K Plastic Primer

  • RFU 
  • Improves adhesion on common plastic parts 
  • Air dry 
  • Recoat with a 2K Surfacer DX64G


Duxone 2K Activators

Extra Fast, Standard, Slow 

  • Excellent cure 
  • Improved quality


Duxone 2K Thinners  

  • Used to dilute basecoat, 2K topcoat or ancillary products in line with the requirements of the paint job


DX30_5 L_mid

DX30 – Degreaser 

  • Solvent mixture developed for cleaning and degreasing before application of undercoats and topcoats.
  • Eliminates non-water soluble contaminants from prepared areas to obtain a perfectly cleaned surface before application.