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A rainbow in the sky

Solid. Metallic. Pearlescent. All the colors you want with the performance you demand. Thousands of Imron single-stage and basecoat colors were developed with exacting standards in mind so you can count on a high-gloss, long-lasting finish.

Digital Tools


This portable, hand-held colour measurement instrument is designed to be used directly on a vehicle or part to obtain the correct color match and then transmit that reading into the colour formula retrieval system.

Protect your aircraft with Axalta

Axalta Coating Systems offers a complete system of aviation finishes scientifically engineered to deliver the industry’s best appearance, performance and corrosion protection.

An Array of Colour Choices

Axalta boasts the industry’s largest palette of solid, metallic and pearlescent colors. An extensive offering of Axalta Imron singlestage and basecoat colors were developed to exacting standards, so you can be assured of a high gloss, long-lasting finish.


Formula Retreival


All you need is a web-connection to search our extensive database of aviation coatings. 

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