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The best demand the best. Axalta.

Axalta's aviation coatings are trusted by the aircraft industry’s elite manufacturers and refurbishers.  

Products approved for MIL specifications:

MIL-C-5541 - Aluminum Conversion Coating

13206S  Aluminum Conversion Coating (Alodine 1201)

MIL-PRF-23377 - Epoxy Corrosion Primer

13550S Epoxy Primer ( >3,000 hours salt spray)

Products approved for Gulfstream:

GAMPS 3209 - Urethane Enamel, Preparation and Application of

Imron AF700 Topcoat

Imron AF740 Clearcoat

Products approved for Cessna specifications:

CMFS037 - Coating: Polyurethane, High Solids

Imron AF3500 Topcoat