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Your Success is Our Success

Axalta Refinish Coatings are recognised around the world for their outstanding performance. But that’s just the start of what we have to offer. Our goal is to be your business partner by providing a full range of innovative products and superior services to help you improve profitability and deliver total customer satisfaction. 

We excel at the paint repair process to make the bodyshop’s entire paint repair journey faster, easier and more profitable. 

We provide unlimited colours – which means you achieve the perfect colour-match using the latest technologies and tools.

We anticipate customer needs by appreciating the profound challenges you face and developing optimal solutions to match.

Above all, we offer added value support and services to provide you a platform of service, development and knowledge-exchange that makes you more successful

Below are just some of our customer initiatives which really showcase how ‘your success is our success’.


Customers in Australia and New Zealand are able to receive technical assistance from Axalta’s coating experts through innovative smart glasses in conjunction with a digital communications platform. Using extended reality (XR), repair technicians save time by operating the smart glasses hands-free, to access the most up-to-date repair procedures and training videos, all within their field of vision. This solution also allows technicians to call and collaborate with Axalta technical experts in real-time, right at the vehicle.

The pandemic accelerated the need for us to identify different ways to support local customers remotely and deliver better operational efficiency. The introduction of this new technology is the first step in providing a solution for remote technical paint-related support and extends to include IT and colour connectivity. Several repair facilities within Australia, including North West Smash Repairs (WA) are using the smart glasses solution. The team at North West Smash Repairs, located in Bilingurr (Broome), are actively utilising the smart glasses in their work following the recent installation of a Cromax system. Axalta representatives located in Perth are remotely supporting the North West Smash Repairs team. 

“We introduced the glasses about six weeks ago and they are fantastic,” said North West Smash Repairs’ Manager Patrick Marshall. “They are a great concept and they work great every time. Every time we called in, the reps have been able to see live exactly what we’ve done. It’s quick and allows us to resolve any issues much faster than by phone or email. The smart glasses allow us to get on with the job quickly and keep productivity high.”

The plan is to expand the number of shops utilising the technology at a later to stage, which will encompass refinish training programs and other business support for bodyshop owners.

"Covid-19 has challenged us to re-examine the services we offer. We continue to support our customers, but under new and often challenging circumstances,” said Steven Brett, Managing Director of Australia and New Zealand at Axalta. “This latest initiative allows us to provide advanced support solutions to our customers in regional and remote areas." The smart glasses solution provides an easy-to-use and comfortable digital experience. A repair technician can readily share live video and audio by using a digital communications platform in conjunction with the glasses and its built-in camera. This allows the remote expert to zoom in and out on the repair area, discuss the appropriate steps to take and add instructional diagrams or text. The expert can also share video, process charts or instructions that can be seen by the repair technician through the viewer. The smart glasses headset is designed for long periods of use and is voice activated and durably built for real-life work environments.  

To learn more about how Axalta’s smart glasses initiative, contact your local Axalta representative or call 1800 292 582.


Chris Agnew, owner of Sommerville Smash Repairs has a passion for continuously learning and improving his business, as well as driving quality outcomes for his customers. Chris has been operating Sommerville Smash Repairs in Nerang on the Gold Coast since 1994 and has been using the Spies Hecker paint system for 20 years. Chris ran the business with his brother Carl until last year, when he bought him out and  Carl moved for a tree change. The business currently has  29 staff, including painters, panel technicians, office staff, detailers and spare parts managers. 

Dedicated to continuous improvement, Chris works closely with Axalta to identify where he can implement new technologies  in his business. So, when Axalta recently launched is patented Fast Cure, Low Energy technology, Chris and the team were quick to embrace the new products and processes. 

“We’ve been using the Low Energy Speed-TEC technology products for a while now,” explains Chris. “They are excellent  in allowing us to speed up the process. The high-speed clears save me about 25 minutes per vehicle in baking time, which is  a game changer. The UV primer is excellent, as is the 20-minute air dry high fill primer which is extremely handy.”

The use of these products allows the team to repair 80 cars per week, on average. It’s not just new products that excites Chris. He is passionate about improving processes in the shop and is a firm believer in ongoing training and improvement,  from his management team to those in the shop. “We undertake a lot of training, as our team benefits from the knowledge and information. We see the improvements on the workshop floor and it creates incentives to work better and support a healthy business. Axalta ran a management course for all 27 of my staff, which they designed and had authorised by I-CAR so we could get the credits. Although it was a management course, we had all staff participate. It really  helped to engage my productive staff and gave them a taste  of the other side of the business.” 

Excitingly, one of Chris’ apprentices, Olivia Agnew (who is also his niece), has been selected to represent Queensland in Vehicle Painting at the WorldSkills Nationals in Perth in August, clearly demonstrating the positive outcomes of training and development.

Chris is really pleased with the positive affect training has on his staff and the business culture. “The culture of our business is what really makes us stand out. I am fully engaged with all my staff, as are my managers. It creates a good environment that supports quality outcomes for our customers.”

“We’re striving to be at the pointy end of the industry,” Chris concludes. “We’re not just there to make a dollar, but also to  be the best we can be. We choose to use a premium product  for a premium service at the end of the day.”


Brothers Glenn and Jason Coburn bring their passion and dedication to the restoration world for all kinds of show cars, street cars and muscle cars. Gold Coast-based, family-run Exclusive Customs Panel and Paint has been operating since 1999. The business was originally based in Sydney and run by Glenn and Jason’s  parents Rick and Lorraine Coburn. On their retirement, the brothers decided to relocate to sunny Queensland. “When Mum and Dad retired two years ago, we decided to move,” explained Glenn. “We spoke to our customers, and  they told us they didn’t care where we were. They were  happy to bring the cars to us.”

The brothers’ love for working on cars began as fun.  Together, they started building cars and taking them to  shows. They quickly gained a reputation for the quality of  their work, which was supported by the awards they were winning at shows. “We started getting more and more restorations – street cars, elite cars and muscle cars. Many are driven and some are rolling show pieces.” Glenn and Jason recently migrated Exclusive Customs Panel and Paint to Spies Hecker’s Permahyd Hi-TEC waterborne System. The first vehicle completed using Hi-TEC was a LX Torana Hatchback. Glenn made up the colour himself, giving the two-tone car an impressive custom look. “I used the tinted clear on the Mazda Red colour to give it  a great effect. Creating custom colours is common for our customers,” Glenn explains. “For most of the cars we do, we mix the colour to the specifications of the client. Most of the clients want  their own custom colours, except if they are muscle   cars going back to factory colours.”

For the brothers, the Spies Hecker range meets the high standards they expect for their discerning customers. It provides much better coverage and lays on exceptionally well,” said Glenn. “The clears are really glossy – and stay glossy. It’s also very easy for our customers as we’re not using nearly  as much material, so it’s more cost effective. It’s also very  easy to colour, sand and buff.” 

“The time saving is also a major bonus,” Glenn continued.  “For example, for the Torana, previously I would have been  in the booth for ten to twelve hours. With Spies Hecker Permahyd Hi-TEC it took between six to eight hours, from  wet-on-wet primer to painting the HHH Rouge purple ground colour, masking up for the HHH Blue topcoat colour and  clearing in 8034 Clearcoat.”