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In 2015 Sagola signed a long-term partnership agreement with Axalta Coating Systems for the right to become the exclusive importer of Sagola products for the refinish and industrial segments of the Australian market.

This new arrangement between Sagola and Axalta aims to strengthen the local Sagola offering, with improvements in technical service, commercial support, ongoing stock supply and marketing support.

About Sagola

A 100% family owned company based in Europe, Sagola has been manufacturing spray guns and spraying equipment for over 60 years. A modern business that has remained dynamic and adapted rapidly to changing market conditions, Sagola has also engaged in the manufacture of components for the bio-medicine sector, aeronautic industry, passenger transport services and other service businesses. Today, Sagola is in more than 80 countries worldwide and continues to grow.

Why Choose Sagola?

• 3 year warranty
• No interior or exterior gaskets, so the guns are virtually maintenance free
• All products tested before they leave the factory
• Air caps and needle/nozzle sold separately, allowing for replacement only when needed.
• Local technical support provided by Axalta and its distributor network.