Our Colour History is Yours

Our colourful history stems from our commitment to put our customers first.  From establishing the first Color Advisory Committee in 1927, Axalta began to pioneer the science of colour measurement with the development of sophisticated analytical colour tools.  Tools such as ColorMaster™ Colormeter, handheld spectrophotometers, Spectramaster™ 3-D touch screens to colour retrieval software.

More importantly we were instrumental in the development of the revolutionary L*a*b* cube-root colour space almost 60 years ago. The set of formulas served as the basis of the CIELAB colour space and is used as the foundation of modern colour measurement today.

If you would like to know more about how Axalta has been instrumental in chaning the way we see colour please take a look at our digital brochure "Celebrating 90 Years of Iconic Colour."

Think of us as your colour delivery experts.