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"Let's Talk" - Video Series

Our new "Let's Talk" Video Series features short, informative videos presented by Axalta Services Manager and resident expert, Robin Taylor. They are designed to provide insights to owners and managers who are looking to increase shop efficiency but unsure where to begin. Aptly titled “Let’s Talk”, the video series covers some of the biggest and most timely issues affecting bodyshops today such as workflow, production management, scheduling, key performance indicators and coaching teams, with tips on how to implement successful change. Each video is available online for easy viewing below. 

1. Understanding the Repair Planning Process

In this first video from the LET’s TALK Video series, residential expert Robin Taylor talks about how the repair planning process a bodyshop follows can have a significant impact on efficiencies. He encourages owners to take a moment to identify problems at the start of a job, to eliminate unplanned stoppages in the repair process. The video outlines steps to develop an accurate repair plan, so owners/managers can see improvement in workflow and efficiency, as well as a reduction in cycle times.

2. Improving Workflow through Production Management (NEW)

In our latest ‘Let’s Talk’ video Axalta Services Manager, Robin Taylor discusses Production Management. Involving everything from planning, organising and directing production activities, production management can have a big impact on the effective running of your shop. Robin highlights some key areas where attentions should be focused to avoid bottlenecks and stoppages and to aid in an effective work-flow.’’